OMG! Our Earth as we know it isn’t so in the eyes of the children. Get ready for a whole new experience.
The young man in the video works in a kindergarten in Korea……

Storytime with John

This will turn your world upside down, and shatter everything you thought you knew.

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A Wonderful Love Story

I haven’t been on here for quite a while. I know. Many things have happened.

In order to get myself hopefully back on track I would like to share this with you.

It’s beautiful. And right now this is almost how I feel. Only the first part. My end of the story hasn’t arrived yet.


Houseplants and Helping Hands

Howdy ya’ll!

As usual I’ve been keeping busy with my art. So to give myself a break I decided to work on my houseplants. I don’t just have a couple small potted plants. I have many with LARGE plants growing. Large, that is, for me. I’ve never been known to have a green thumb. I reckon that the older you get the greener your thumbs grow. (hee hee). Anyhow, since I live upstairs I got permission to use the extra area on the landing. Take a peek:

Plants on the landing

Plants on the landing

As you can see, they have come to be quite unruly. There are three or four pots with Mother in Law’s Tongue and Snake Grass. Those are the long leaf ones. There’s a corn plant/tree in the back left too. I honestly don’t know what kind of plant the one is on the wall. I think of it more as a tree. So did my neighbor boy. Seven years old and wanted to help. I was glad for the company.

I want to show you a trick I learned quite some years ago. It is possible to have planters that don’t have holes in the bottom and still grow your plant friends. It’s all in the preparation. You simply need a drainage system UNDER the plant. Yep, down at the very bottom of it all. How?

Check this out:

place rocks in bottom of planter at least 1 inch deep.

place rocks in bottom of planter at least 1 inch deep.

I love rocks. I am always picking up pretty ones I find on my many walks with my sidekick, Daisy. (she’s my dog). Put a good inch deep of rocks in the bottom of your pot. Spread them out to cover the bottom as close to level as possible. Then add a coffee filter on top.

Scrunch the edges real good.

Scrunch the edges real good.

Scrunch down the edges along the side. You can even press the filter down around the wall and the rocks if you like. The filter helps to keep the finer more important additives to the dirt from sifting through. (Shh! The plant thinks this is the bottom of the planter now!). Now, on top of the filter add a piece of round plastic canvas, cut to fit.

plastic canvas into bottom of planter on top of filter and rocks

plastic canvas into bottom of planter on top of filter and rocks

 The plastic canvas can be rough on the edges. The plant doesn’t care. I happened to have some that were already round. I cut off two rows for it to fit. Now you can finally add some dirt. The canvas helps with filtering too. You always want to put the canvas on top of the filter. First the big and then the small, let those silly particles fall. (Hee, hee! I felt like a rhyme).

The neighbor boy enjoyed trimming leaves and shoveling dirt into pots. I let him take home this very pot I’ve just shown. You probably noticed it’s not really a “pot”. I used a food service container. It’s sturdy and plastic so it won’t leak. Thinking children here….

My neighbor with his new plant.

My neighbor with his new plant.

This has pretty much been my day. Fulfilling. Wholly.

Until next time….

Enjoy life as it comes, even in small packages.


Keshia’s Kakes on Super Bowl Desserts

This is SOOO good! I just have to share!

Super Bowl parties are all about food you can eat with your hands.  Fussy cakes and pies are for another occasion.  When it comes to parties like this,  your guests will be grazing throughout the evening, so having food you can leave out for a bit, is easy to eat, and portable is key.  These little Football Peanut Butter Truffles will give your guests something they won’t forget in one tasty bite.

Football Peanut Butter Truffles


½ cup Peanut Butter

3 Tbsp. butter, softened

1 cup sifted powdered sugar

8 ounces chocolate-flavored candy coating (Wilton and Nestle make these, but be sure to buy something labeled for use in candy.  Not all chocolate is created equal.)

¾ c white chocolate chips


1. In a mixing bowl stir together peanut butter and butter. Gradually add powdered sugar, stirring until combined. Shape into 1-inch football shapes; place on waxed paper…

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Greetings friends! Have you missed me? I’ve been out and about with family recently.

I grew up enjoying weekly “Day Trips”.  As a child my family usually took us to see extended family. Sometimes we would spend an entire day picnicking and hiking at any number of state parks within a two hour drive. A few times dad would drive even farther to an amusement park or a special zoo attraction. After I became an adult I continued this tradition with my girls. And now that my girls are grown, they are continuing our family tradition with their friends and family.

Recently I was treated to one such outing by my oldest and her fella. Travelling a bit closer to home, we visited Merom, Indiana, and the park known by locals as “Merom Bluffs”.


There are numerous historical signs like this all around the area. Merom sits on the banks of the Wabash River. It is rich in American Indian history, Christian history, and, as you can see, cultural and even political history! The 10 day Chautauqua festival has since been whittled down to a weekend event. We showed up prior to the event.


As mentioned before, we went to the main attraction here:  Merom Bluffs. The actual bluff is what we went to enjoy. I have no idea how old the wall around the bluff is…you can see some places where the wall has been mended and other places where it’s rather broken down. Not really a safe place for children, the elderly, or drunks 😉


We considered this entry point to the bluff. It was quite broken down so we decided to take another route.


The tree in the right of the last photo is the same one seen at the top and left of this one. That’s the Wabash River in the distance and Illinois just beyond that. This photo is looking slightly north-north west.


This is about the center of the wall. I tried really hard to get a good picture of the horizon. I could barely see the stacks at the refinery in my town. Not as the crow flies (because I’m no crow) the distance is well over thirty miles to the horizon. Probably a bit more like forty.  As you can see, the sun is shining but it’s also cloudy/hazy. You will notice in the next few pix there is a storm rolling in…If you look really hard you will notice a building just to the center left in this photo above. I will show you the same building in a bit.


Here’s a view back to the south along the wall. I had forgotten but this was a military wall during the civil war!!!


One of the original cannons! It’s actually a pretty good walk to see this too. I had to use zoom just to see it this well.

And FINALLY, we find a relatively new bridge and trail! This had never been here in times past for my visits.


And so here begins a hike downwards to the river. I will share several pix to show how steep this hike was for me. Image

Doesn’t look so bad yet? Alrighty then…I DARE you!


Well, well…hmmm….and this isn’t even the steepest part!


Yes, this is carved right out of the stone in the bluff. STEEP! My rump got real familiar with this set of steps 🙂


Here is evidence that some form of this trail dates back an incredibly long time! Rock carvings! Yeah, some is “new” but you could also see evidence of some very well worn carvings too. I’m going to guess that this is at the halfway point.


Looking back up into the dizzy view. Still on the trail. the stairs rather disappear into the upper right of this photo.


HAHAHA!!! The stairs on the left here only go to a shelter house with a picnic table! Where we came out was in the far distance!


This shelter sat a bit closer to the actual ground!


Remember the building I said to notice before? Here it is again, just across the river, at the bottom of the bluff.   🙂

Once we DID get to the bottom, I realized there’s a ROAD that you can take to get to the bottom! Sheesh! My legs felt like jelly rubber bands so I made the kids hike back UP the bluff, get the truck, and come back for me.    🙂 

After regaining ourselves a bit we drove back around town to the only other attraction.


I thought this history sign was placed rather close to the street sign. Made for an interesting photo, wouldn’t you say?

And when I turned around while standing pretty much in the same spot I photographed the BIG sign.


I dare say there weren’t many Christian colleges in 1859! AND now, just to the right of this sign is the triumphant LONG lane that frames the main college building.


Those are glassed in doors at the bottom front. Until recently the building had been vacant and vandalized. There was a news story about this building and it’s bell tower on one of our local (CBS) news stations prior to these doors being built. Fascinating interior. Alas, there’s no evidence of tours.


One last view. Very picturesque. This older gentleman was taking some finer photographs than I have capability. There’s that building across the river again. And the storm looming in the sky just to the right of the photo hits us as we leave for home.

I do so hope you have enjoyed day tripping by photo and blog with me. If you are ever in the area just shout across the river. I might hear you 🙂

Until next time (and I hope to be sooner than later)

~ Bonnie