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Happy Mother’s Day in the USA!

Happy Mother’s Day to all! If you assist in the raising of children, whether male or female, my sincerest wishes go out to you!

On Saturday I was blessed to spend my entire day with both of my daughters and granddaughter. My eldest and I tag-teamed caring for the baby while my youngest cooked apples for her. Later we all changed clothes and my youngest did our hair and makeup. When her husband got off work he joined us as our photographer and baby carrier!   🙂   We had a “Mother’s Day” photo shoot!  Here are a few pix:


He’s so wonderful! He’s even holding my little purse!  🙂


Me and my girls! I feel like the older I get, the more American Indian I can see in my face. I see it in my eldest girl too!


If you look close you can see that the entire field is CLOVER….Looky at what we found:


The one in the center of the pic had even been mowed over! My youngest managed to find that one.

Onward. Today, Sunday, Mother’s Day, I was blessed to attend worship service with the family in the morning. Then, about mid afternoon, I embarked on a treasure hunt of sorts. Let me explain.

For many years I lived alone with my girls. We never had money for spending on some of the simplest of things, like buying flowers. So, we got creative and found a way around it! We went digging for flowers! As a family we would embark on our quest with a shovel (sometimes a broken one and other times just a hand held garden version), a few trash bags, maybe a box or a bucket, and our wits. I usually packed along drinks in their sip cups and a few snacks. We would hunt for flowers along roadsides, by abandoned houses or properties in the country, near old forgotten cemeteries, even in cow pastures! A few times we found flowers near the river bottoms along farm levees too. We’ve had some beautiful gardens that loved us back every year! I always hated leaving them behind when we had to move again. But that always gave us cause to go flower hunting again 🙂

So today, remembering my girls and some irises we had previously spotted, I borrowed my youngest’ shovel and a big garden fork. As it worked out I never even had to use the shovel! Here’s a picture of the sad, sad shape of how I found the irises:


Hard to see them through all the poison ivy! Hope I don’t get infected with that horrible stuff!

And finally, here is my newest treasure:


The orange hint of something seen in the bucket is a brick I found that was marked as made in St. Louis, Missouri. That is an added bonus for me! I love treasuring hunting this way!

I will be keeping these in the bucket for a little while. I don’t have my own yard yet. Soon…..And when it happens I will be documenting EVERYTHING, including the planting of these irises that I found for free.

Hey! Have any of you ever done something like this? Drop me a comment! I look forward to sharing with ya’ll  🙂

Until next time….

Hug your Mom!



Winner at The Art Show!

Howdy ya’ll!

It has been a great weekend. I know it’s Tuesday but it still feels like weekend to me! Just now getting the chance to post! Nearly everyone has heard the saying “A day late and a dollar short”.  Well, I may be a day late but I’m twenty dollars ahead! Doesn’t sound like much but it means the world to me! I got a third place ribbon at the Fife Opera House 26th Annual Art Show!!!


There weren’t as many artist’ on display this year. I was told that many art shows across the USA are down in participation. Too bad because we have some outstanding artists here in the Midwest! Take a peek:


Did you see my Cat’s Catch bottle sculpture?   🙂


This is Steve Meadows’ grand prize winner. He comes up with some truly unusual pieces!

Here he is receiving one of his many awards from Karla Ries. She is the visual arts chair person for Crawford County Arts. The kilted gentleman in the background is another artist, Mr. Stephen O. Griffith. He makes mixed media paintings.



Here I am talking with the 2014 Show Judge, Mr. Michael Schuetz. He is the Assistant Director at the Tarble Arts Center at Eastern Illinois University located in Champaign Illinois. The man has numerous degrees in Art and is well acclaimed. Far too much information for me to list in a blog.   🙂   Another gifted artist is seen in the background, Mr. David Pigg. He is a pencil artist and has won numerous awards as well.


Me with my award   🙂

Last but most definitely not least I can now share with you the WONDERFUL final display from my friend and colleague, David Dooley. Sadly, this is his final show. He lost his life in a horrific auto accident less than a month ago. His wife was kind to bring his entries for display post mortem.


His works are all colored pencil. It is not difficult to see why he was a Master. Sadly missed now that he is gone.

I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek in my little corner of the Midwest. Life in the Whole is definitely good and I am blessed!

Until next time…..enjoy the life you have. You only get to live it once.
















Spring Art Show at the Fyfe!

Howdy neighbors!

I wanted to share a bit with ya’ll about the wonderful Art Show I have entered this year. It is held at The Fyfe Opera House in Palestine, Illinois, USA. This wonderful old opera house is on the National Registry of Historic Buildings! Take a look:

Image         Image

If you would like to see more photos of the marvelous interior or are interested in the history of Palestine you can Google it  🙂

 Today I delivered my limit of three items for this show. Here is the first one:


Sorry about the picture quality. It was a bit dark but using my flash kept glaring off the glaze! This piece is titled “Beagle Dreams” and is a 3D collage. I made this from an assortment of boxes. The ball in front is also 3D. Took a while to make that sucker! The fire hydrant was also assembled as were the trees. The entire work is on a wooden picture frame. A person could still insert a photo from the back with glass if they desire. I try to keep my artwork “workable” for the buyer.

Here’s the next piece:

Image Image

This one is titled “Cat’s Catch”.  As you can see, the “catch of the day” is moveable. This is a recycle plastic piece made from approximately 9 two liter bottles, a plastic Easter egg, a milk jug, paint, glass, and zip tie. This was hard getting together but I loved every minute of it! You can’t see the tail very well in these pix. It is a spiral of plastic so it “bobs” 🙂  What fun!

And here is the final piece:

Image Image

This one is titled “Hatter’s Centerpiece”. It is a Utilitarian piece. The hat is made from tin cans, paper, plastic, and various embellishments. It can be removed from the glass that is seen underneath. THAT glass is permanently attached to the painted brass candle stand. The jam jar and the Red Queen’s Pitcher are also removable. Also, the chain with spoon is removable for cleaning as is the crown on the pitcher. The crown is made from a ribbon spool, bridal lace, pearls, and embellishments. It ties on with satin ribbon.

I am SOOOO excited about this show! I missed it last year due to illness. On a sad note, this year we will be missing one of our BEST artists. David Dooley was a teacher, a colleague, and a friend of mine. A Master at colored pencils. He was quite well known. Sadly he lost his life in a tragic accident less than a month ago. But, his memory is with us as will be his wife, my friend, Debra, at the artist’ reception Saturday evening. I look forward to that. I would share some pix of David but in respect to the family I shall refrain at this time. You can, however, Google Image him under David Dooley colored pencil artist. 🙂 

Another world renowned artist that I have the pleasure of hob-knobbing with is Steve Meadows. He is known for his quirky folk art! Here’s a picture of him with just a couple of his pieces:


He can be found on Facebook here:

Be sure to look at some of his WONDERFUL folk art!

I am SOOO blessed to be a simple artist in the company of many Artist’s that are so very well known in America. And to be able to talk to them like I am talking to ya’ll here is an experience that nobody can ever take away from me. Today I am relishing living my Life in the Whole….

Blessings ~































The Cheerleader

The Cheerleader

I was astounded with this story and I really feel it necessary to share. It has opened my eyes even wider. Grab a Kleenex and please, oh, please visit this website/blog and read the story. It all happened here in the USA, in Arkansas, just this past week.

Find the blog here:

Teach Them Early

This weekend was busy with family as usual. Still, I had the opportunity to make teething guards for my granddaughter’s crib. I used the general pattern found here:


Not too bad for having to patch together some of the fabric to get the right length. 🙂


Of course, since I was somewhat babysitting, Ruth had to get involved. She was fascinated by it all! Did you ever sit on your grandmother’s lap (or mom’s) while she sewed?


Mmmmm, Nana! Tastes like LOVE 🙂


I pray you all stay happy, healthy, blessed and safe

Until next post….

Bonnie 🙂

OH! If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more of what this Nana hopes to someday make, go check out my Pinterest board titled Baby Love.

Find it here:







Been feeling a bit melancholy this past few days. Another friend died. Today my daughter and I visited a couple of cemeteries. It was hard but we trudged through it. Once back home my spirits were lifted. I finally got to open the package I received in the mail.


I won this through another blog site that I LOVE. She makes all kinds of recycle items. I’m thrilled to get some of her “leftovers” 🙂

Also today I was surprised with another big box of “leftovers”. I live in an apartment building and I’m always the one to dumpster dive. Didn’t have to this time! The property manager people actually boxed up a lot of crafting supplies with me in mind! YAY!!! They said another resident had moved and left a bunch of these things behind.


I believe the entire loom kit is here, instructions too! And all the yarn!!  🙂  Some of this is really expensive! At least it is to my pockets. I am thrilled!

Funny how such a melancholy day turned out to have a bright side. I wholly believe that the loved ones we visited in the cemetery today are smiling on me now. 


Easter After

bucket of carrots?

Carrot treats I put together for my family 🙂

Do you ever wish that we could have an extra day for celebrating a given holiday? An extra day for finishing everything we wanted to do. An extra day for visiting everyone we couldn’t find enough time for. An extra day. That’s how living a life free of Cancer is viewed….celebrating “an extra day”….. I have found to pace myself. Quit trying to outperform another family member, or even myself. I have learned to accept that whatsoever I get done is how it’s supposed to be and not to fret about what didn’t get finished or done. Those aren’t important. Those are not the things that truly matter in life.

Snorkeling Eggs

Snorkeling Eggs for the family

As for visiting the people we didn’t quite get to….there’s still a telephone! Calling them can be just as much of an encouragement as a physical visit. It always helps me when somebody thinks enough to call. Sometimes I’m not up to a visitor but a phone call can usually be accepted no matter how grungy or dressed I am at the moment. AND, if I’m not quite up to the call I can opt to let the answering service pick up. Sometimes I will answer and let the caller know it’s not a good time and I will call back later.

In light of all this, I want to share my Easter. It was a wonderful day until I got so tired I nearly passed out on my daughter’s couch and had to go lay down in the spare bedroom. I should have learned by now to not over-extend myself and my abilities. I was full of regret later into the day yesterday. Today, however, I am redeemed. I got that “extra day” to spend some time with loved ones. I’m still tired but I can lounge around at home and know that tomorrow will also be “an extra day after”…….










A wonderful Easter and anytime skit…Well worth the watch….No need for Translate either 🙂 Just click on the link above. It will take you to a wonderful blogger who likes to crochet but rather shared this from her Church….

Today’s Inspiration

I’m not given to advertising other blogs per se but this lady blows me away! She has some of the quirkiest and fun ideas! This blog post is about making tiny bird nests on top of egg shells using items found in the yard. Now how inventive is that? I am thinking about paper mache-ing over some plastic eggs and THEN adding my nesting materials. I will use dried items that are bug free and cured to last. (Not saying that Alisa Burke has bugs! 😛 )……

So what kind of inspiration can you find today? I found mine on the internet. What’s nice is that it is leading me to take a step away from the screen and enjoy the great outdoors….allergies and all!