I’m Here!

Hey ya’ll! My apologies for being gone so long. I get busy on social media and forget about here. My bad.

So. I keep myself busy otherwise with my drawing. It’s what helps me when I’m down and/or depressed. You can see my work on my Instagram account under Peabuttonsmom. #peabuttonsmom_art

My health has hit some bumps along the way. My legs began swelling. I now have to wear compression stockings. I found some super fun cute prints on Amazon. Now I can be playful with color and not look like a frumpy old lady. Big smile!

I shall do my very best to incorporate writing here into my weekly routine. I’ll leave you with a few pix of my drawings.

Enjoy! ~Bonnie

Sea Urchin’s Crown
Linear Rounds
A Flower Basket
Flower Garden
Baby Dragon

Knock knock

Lost in my (W)Hole

Sometimes life can trow a curve ball. Or a fast ball that hits us right smack dab in the head that sends us flying. I must have been hit with both. This particular “Alice” got so lost that I couldn’t find the (w)hole at all.Β  Sad isn’t it? But I was still on my back. And when you are on your back you tend to look UP.

I’ve pondered for some time and after attending a wonderful writing seminar earlier today I can safely state that I have found the entrance to that (w)hole. Yay! Now for the changes…..

I have been saving photos to share since my last actual written post. I promise not to weigh ya’ll down with all that. I AM now living in Mosey Cottage. It’s become just as cluttered as my apartment was before. My grandkids are growing. My dog is ailing but hanging in there. My metal health has been withdrawn. I’ve had a couple cancer scares. No worries….still cancer free! Still participate in art shows. No sales and no awards this round. It’s all good though. I’ve made more contacts πŸ™‚

I shall be scheduling a change. Cleaning house with my blog. A new look perhaps. New goals. Still in the Whole but more like a rabbit that pops it’s head out regularly πŸ™‚ Fixing to “feather the nest” with my writings. I want to begin sharing more art findings and craft ideas. Perhaps have some freebies to offer in the future. I really desire to get more involved and have ya’ll more involved with me πŸ˜€

So here goes: A photo collage of a few things to catch ya’ll up with my little world.

Mosey Cottage kitchen before and after. So much better! Big thanks to the contractors!

The after on the left and the HORRIBLE on the right. I now actually have a walk in shower! And there’s a pocket for a sliding door if I ever get to it πŸ˜‰

My 100+ year old high school burned down this summer of 2017.Β  It has been a MAJOR impact on my psyche.Β  My mother had attended this school as well as myself and all of my siblings. In fact, this is how it was for most of the town. And for the athletes that won so many achievements and awards…. We all still deeply mourn this horrible act started by a handful of kids.

I enjoyed an Easter feast with a cousin at my wonderful little ‘FREE’ antique enameled metal table. Scarfed this find out of a burned out trailer years ago. Covered in soot….my son in law helped to clean it and painted the legs for me!

The TV remote took me FOUR MONTHS to find after moving! THEN I discovered the TV no longer worked! Go figure :O

There’s loads more I’d love to share but time restraints and my dog won’t allow me to continue right now. UGH! Ha! Many of my close friends and family know that is one of my favorite pre-historic words! Ugh. LOL!

So in an attempt to stay current I will end by saying “Catch ya’ll later!”

I’m looking forward to great things! Ya’ll help hold me to it, ok? πŸ˜€

Enjoy life…it’s the only one we have!

Lost in the (W)Hole

Good Heavens it’s been TEN months since I’ve been able to post anything here! If this was a baby I’d be a month overdue!!!

To be honest I rather feel like my name got changed to Alice this past near-year. I got sick and had some MAJOR surgery in February that culminated in a three week stay in the “new” rehab wing inside a nursing facility where I used to work. Talk about panic! I had already spent a grueling week in the hospital but to then find myself in the receiving end of an old work place was nearly more than I could bear.

This was at the hospital. (Oh My!!! That is NOT a bedpan! It is what left of a meal tray!) Β I looked awful and felt just as worse. And yes, that is a walker. Used that the week I spent in the hospital. They upgraded me to a cane when I got to rehab.

I actually spent my birthday in rehab. That was a bummer. One of my friends sent me flowers and my grand kids brought me lots of balloons. My daughter also had a BIG canvas made of the kids for me to hang on the wall next to my chair. Believe me, I looked at it every day! AND they brought my dog to visit for my birthday!


She made herself at home in my blankets! I think I missed her the most….

So now I’m home. I still have to use a cane. Nothing fancy (yet). Found some “old man canes” at a second hand store after using one previously left behind by an ex….that thing was too tall for me anyhow. To help me feel better about the ugly canes I started crocheting handle covers and even tried my hand at making slip-on flowers and leaves. The grands love it and my little neighbor girls are fascinated that my cane wears clothes. πŸ˜€

I was told I would have to use a cane the rest of my life. I do believe it. Something connected to this surgery further aggravated the cancer-induced neuropathy. I was severely dropping things and stumbling all over myself. Funny but they taught me to use the cane in my primary hand….which is the one I was always dropping things from! Since I’ve been home I’ve learned to use that cane in either hand depending on how weak my hands are. I shift my weight usually off of the affected foot and leg too.

Oh, in case you are wondering, I had surgery to repair what is called a Recticele. I’m not sure if I have that spelled correctly. I had been passing lots of blood rectally as if I had a faucet turned on. Praise God I didn’t have to have a blood transfusion! But all the same the surgery lasted over 5 hours. It was only supposed to last 30 minutes. It was really super bad. So, once again, I am glad to be alive and am continuing to heal.

So many more things have happened since I came home. Many of which were NOT good for me. The day I came home I had a major meltdown. I am so GLAD the kids didn’t send me BACK to the hospital for mental reasons! They were the CAUSE of it all! More about that the next time. To be honest, I am still trying to heal from that incident. Worst thing to ever have happen to me since cancer and having that surgery. Oh! I forgot to tell ya’ll that I actually wanted to and honestly thought I was going to die about three days after surgery. Never had pain that intense in that manner except one other time in my life. I honestly would NOT wish it on any of my enemies! (Childbirth was NOTHING compared to this pain…).

Slowly climbing back up the (W)hole…rabbit or otherwise.

Oh! While in rehab I watched their GINORMOUS pet rabbits!!! These things were nearly twice the size of my dog!!!


Just call me “Alice”…..I’m in here somewhere!

Until next time I pray peace and an abundance of blessings on ya’ll!

~ Bonnie






Sharing Life and Pix of Happy Things

Greetings all on this fine Sabbath day in my part of the world!

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted. Not intentionally I assure you. Indeed, a few months back I started a post and became so frustrated with the hole of “Where’d the pix go?” that I ended up forfeiting that post altogether. I suppose there are times that just beg not to be shared. Although I couldn’t understand why keeping winter pix from ya’ll would be something to “hide”.

Today I have decided to try sharing again. I am pretty sure I know where all my pix are at that I want to share today. I love nature and enjoy my walks with my dog, Daisy. I am always finding something to take pix of, whether a flower, a tree, a bug…..just all kinds of stuff. This summer, however, has proven to be not as kind in sharing it’s wealth of beauty with me in my surroundings. What I once found as sanctuary, the lake up the road, has been bought and the people refuse me to walk there. >sigh<

There has been much more industrial business that has come to occupy the previously empty pole buildings up the road from me as well. Many heavy equipment trucks, tractors, and strange creatures of the mechanical sort tend to fly down our road. Not as safe for me or my dog when it comes to our walks. No sidewalks here. I’ve been told the road work people will be widening our road sometime in the future. That in itself will be a bit of a major undertaking as the storm sewers could quite possibly need moved. You see, I live in an area that was once the outskirts of town. It has been industrialized. UGH!

I’m sorry. Perhaps some of you are wondering about me and my health? I have been sick since last March with hives. BAD hives. Many doctors, tests, hospitals, and still no cause as to why I have them. They get in my mouth, on my lips, eyes, ears, between fingers and toes, and everywhere else imaginable. Itch so bad at times that I could filet myself if it would help. Swelling in my face happens, and yes, my lips and mouth too, that can be numbing. Horrible it is. And I live with it still. WAY too much Prednisone for this gal as my previous breast cancer fed on hormones. It’s scary and does absolutely nothing for my mental health.

Mosey Cottage has come to a screeching halt. I don’t know at this point if I ever will get to live there. So many, many things have happened with family in regards to repairs and occupancy. More than what I am comfortable sharing here with the world. It has become another Hole in my life.

Alrighty. Enough of the downtrodden. Let’s lighten up a bit, shall we? Here are various photos I’ve taken, with camera and phone, of my surroundings this past year.


Box turtle saved.

Box turtle saved.

Strange flying beast

Strange flying beast

webs in the morning

webs in the morning

An inviting Elf home.

An inviting Elf home.

rocks in rocks

rocks in rocks

A smiley face in Queen Anne's Lace

A smiley face in Queen Anne’s Lace

Stone face!

Stone face!

My Cup Runneth Over?

I remember singing a song as a child, “Running Over”. As I have grown older I’ve come to realize the full meaning of this phrase. Life in the “Whole” can still be a little off balance from time to time though. Such have been the past few days for me. My “cupΒ  runneth over” simply because it’s laying on it’s side! Even after 7 years of cancer freedom I still have multiple health issues.Β Today my counselor told me that I’m doing too much. “My cup runneth over”…. Easter is on my heels and knocking on my door; I have a very important Art Show coming up; I am still trying to juggle time spent working on my Etsy shop with all my doctor appointments and tests and such. “My cup runneth over”. So, in light of these events and my tilted cup I would like to share a few pix of my endeavors πŸ™‚Β Β  Enjoy!


Working on this for my 9 month old granddaughter.

A peek at some of my stash of cereal boxes, etc...

A peek at some of my stash of cereal boxes, etc…

Organized chaos in progress.

Organized chaos in progress.


My work station at the bathroom sink!

My work station at the bathroom sink πŸ™‚

Needless to say, figuring how to add pix just so has been more coffee in my overflowing cup πŸ™‚Β Β  Until next time…..Hugs and blessings I pray for you πŸ™‚