When Inspiration Strikes

Hey ya’ll! Did you miss me? I missed me! Sometimes I forget to put my posts here. My apologies to all ya’ll in Cyberland.

This morning I was browsing through my messenger post from #hometalk . It’s a wonderful DIY site. Anyhow, I saw a simple pumpkin wreath made with painted foam shapes glued to an embroidery hoop. That’s when inspiration struck!

Here’s my version. I had a bunch of these votive sized “snack-o-lanterns” from last year. A few I had picked up at a thrift store and the rest were given to me. I don’t suppose I spent over 50 cents.

I also already had the embroidery hoop. I always pick up the wooden ones with a good screw on top provided they are less than a dollar each. Sometimes I find them in bundles. Score!

I want to iterate (sp?) that I don’t celebrate Halloween. However, once in a while I find a cute item that I just can’t resist. I hung up last year’s ghostie I found at the Dollar Tree on my back door. Too cute!

So I guess I’m fall ready. Or at least started. I can think of all kinds of ways to still use the simple pumpkin wreath right through Christmas. I could paint them BUT I’m thinking I could wrap fabric squares around them and tuck the raw edges into the bucket. I could add leafs into the buckets. Maybe wrap burlap around the raw hoop. Just too many ideas!

So what kind of ideas would you do? Drop me a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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