OMG! Our Earth as we know it isn’t so in the eyes of the children. Get ready for a whole new experience.
The young man in the video works in a kindergarten in Korea……

Storytime with John

This will turn your world upside down, and shatter everything you thought you knew.

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Timeless Encouragement

cast your bread

Here we are between holidays and I am finding myself cleaning out my emails. Sadly there are a great many pages of unread emails from two years ago! One such email I want to share with you. I find the words of this blogger to be as fresh for me as if she had written them yesterday. There can always be a renewal, a regeneration, if you will, of reading words with a fresh approach. Much like re-reading a well loved book. You always enjoy it and every time you turn a page you find a renewing of the words.

The words of this blogger left me with a realization for my life. I feel so much of the time that I have so very little to share. But when I share with others then we are both enriched and have more than when we started. In compliance with the words of that email I do believe my word for this new year to come is “SHARE”. I must do more sharing in 2015. Much more sharing than I ever have. And that sharing begins here.


Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas to all who come across my little blog and blessings abundant I pray for you!

10 ft tree in a 12 ft ceiling

10 ft tree in a 12 ft ceiling

I was lamenting earlier this evening, the eve of the Eve, about the fact that to many I am just an old lady. Lamenting because I have been feeling the loneliness of the elderly. Thus far this year I have not been to a single party. I have not yet tasted any of the Seasonal foods and sweets except for a small bit of store bought fruitcake. Yeah, I’m one of those odd people that LIKES fruitcake. I haven’t had occasion to dress in festive clothing. I could dress up here at home but my dog really doesn’t care and I really don’t want to clean the dog hair off the good stuff. I’ve wrapped a handful of gifts and bagged the rest. Made loads of items that I just didn’t have the energy or desire to wrap. Haven’t decorated. All the bagged gifts are hanging out of my bedroom closet. And to top everything off I’ve been under the weather. >sigh<

In my melancholy I’ve had much opportunity to watch the world hustle and bustle along, all in a frenzy, over-spending and over-eating and some even over-drinking. I watch at how the “Christmas” shows on TV are now considered “holiday” and how so many of them don’t point to the real cause of Christmas. Save Charlie Brown. But he was tucked away on odd nights when most people wouldn’t watch.

I watch. And then I began to marvel. What would the world have done if Jesus had not been born at that time, or even at all for that matter? I wonder what concoction or abhorition would have been devised to occupy people’s minds. Christmas is a HOLY day. It is celebrated world wide, warm and cold weather, regardless of belief.

I shan’t get “preachy”. Don’t you just despise “preachy” people? I will just sit back and watch the world go by. Later in the morning, for it is Christmas day now, I will load up the car with all the bags and gifts and begin my trek about two counties delivering presents to friends and family and to many who can’t get out. I come in my red car. Can’t say I will be wearing a red suit but I will dress up for the occasion. Santa comes in all forms don’t you know.

Do you have an elderly friend or neighbor? Why not consider a brief visit with a plate of cookies or even a plate of your leftovers? (Many times I’ve been THRILLED to get my daughter’s leftovers….).  Share your festive spirit with others and don’t forget to wish them a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Let’s Write!

Many years ago I had a pen pal.  Since my youth I have enjoyed writing letters and sending cards. But a few years ago I went through such a dark time in my life that I wasn’t even getting junk mail! It was a horrific feeling, to not even be recognized as an “occupant”. With this said I invite you to read the following forwarded post and at least consider mailing out those Christmas cards. It doesn’t matter if the recipient gets it “on time”. It matters that somebody thought enough to write.


A Wonderful Love Story

I haven’t been on here for quite a while. I know. Many things have happened.

In order to get myself hopefully back on track I would like to share this with you.

It’s beautiful. And right now this is almost how I feel. Only the first part. My end of the story hasn’t arrived yet.


Aussiland Hits and Wonders!

Julianne's flag

Julianne’s flag                                                                                                    

Howdy ya’ll!

I really, REALLY want to share this post with all my followers, new and seasoned! My friend, Julianne, has started a wonderful new resource for Australian and New Zealander home based shops. With so many changes in the world market of handmade I find Julianne’s approach refreshing. Perhaps I will follow her lead here in the USA! Leave me a comment on your thoughts towards this all my USA followers ~ Please??

Thanks bunches for reading her post. Even though she’s directing towards our south of the equator friends on her side of the world we can all be encouraged. Read on…..

Enjoy life. It only gets better!


Houseplants and Helping Hands

Howdy ya’ll!

As usual I’ve been keeping busy with my art. So to give myself a break I decided to work on my houseplants. I don’t just have a couple small potted plants. I have many with LARGE plants growing. Large, that is, for me. I’ve never been known to have a green thumb. I reckon that the older you get the greener your thumbs grow. (hee hee). Anyhow, since I live upstairs I got permission to use the extra area on the landing. Take a peek:

Plants on the landing

Plants on the landing

As you can see, they have come to be quite unruly. There are three or four pots with Mother in Law’s Tongue and Snake Grass. Those are the long leaf ones. There’s a corn plant/tree in the back left too. I honestly don’t know what kind of plant the one is on the wall. I think of it more as a tree. So did my neighbor boy. Seven years old and wanted to help. I was glad for the company.

I want to show you a trick I learned quite some years ago. It is possible to have planters that don’t have holes in the bottom and still grow your plant friends. It’s all in the preparation. You simply need a drainage system UNDER the plant. Yep, down at the very bottom of it all. How?

Check this out:

place rocks in bottom of planter at least 1 inch deep.

place rocks in bottom of planter at least 1 inch deep.

I love rocks. I am always picking up pretty ones I find on my many walks with my sidekick, Daisy. (she’s my dog). Put a good inch deep of rocks in the bottom of your pot. Spread them out to cover the bottom as close to level as possible. Then add a coffee filter on top.

Scrunch the edges real good.

Scrunch the edges real good.

Scrunch down the edges along the side. You can even press the filter down around the wall and the rocks if you like. The filter helps to keep the finer more important additives to the dirt from sifting through. (Shh! The plant thinks this is the bottom of the planter now!). Now, on top of the filter add a piece of round plastic canvas, cut to fit.

plastic canvas into bottom of planter on top of filter and rocks

plastic canvas into bottom of planter on top of filter and rocks

 The plastic canvas can be rough on the edges. The plant doesn’t care. I happened to have some that were already round. I cut off two rows for it to fit. Now you can finally add some dirt. The canvas helps with filtering too. You always want to put the canvas on top of the filter. First the big and then the small, let those silly particles fall. (Hee, hee! I felt like a rhyme).

The neighbor boy enjoyed trimming leaves and shoveling dirt into pots. I let him take home this very pot I’ve just shown. You probably noticed it’s not really a “pot”. I used a food service container. It’s sturdy and plastic so it won’t leak. Thinking children here….

My neighbor with his new plant.

My neighbor with his new plant.

This has pretty much been my day. Fulfilling. Wholly.

Until next time….

Enjoy life as it comes, even in small packages.


Reflections on My Life

He knows my name

Good Sabbath to one and all!

A wonderful Pastoral friend whom I’ve known since childhood inspired me yesterday. He spoke of how he is touched by this song and his inability to finish the song because of his own emotion with the lyrics. A lady in his congregation asked him to sing anyway. Today may be the day.

Here is the video mix. Only shy over 3 minutes long. I lived to tell you. Somebody else did not.

Please watch with an open heart.