Dog Sitting in a Chrysalis

As a child in grade school there was a time when the teacher had a butterfly cocoon for us to watch. I seem to recall how hard it was watching that thing for the longest time and wondering if the teacher was just playing a trick on us. I mean really, THAT thing is alive??

Honest! Didn’t the caterpillar in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland spin his cocoon and transform into a butterfly in record time? I saw it with my own two eyes!

Then there were my teen and young adult years when I fervently listened to the musical team of sisters called Heart (or was it Hart?). Anyhow, I remember a popular song about the Dog and Butterfly. Although I can’t recall the words to that song at this moment I assure you if it were to come on the radio I could sing every word and not miss a single note.

Present day. I have previously written about Mosey Cottage and most recently referred to this house as being in the chrysalis stage. Days on end pass and I see more WRONG with the two livable rooms than what I see being done with the rest of the house. BUT I recently had a tidbit of stirring that was made visible to me. The kids had a couple of contractors to come in and evaluate the need for offering their estimates. I met the first man. I liked him. He was excited about his craft and saw the opportunity to work for us and still be able to have a bit of leeway in what he loves to do. My son in law liked him too. I was told that they most likely will go with this man’s estimate. Maybe. The second man I never met. I understand he acted like his work was a drudgery and he could care less. Phooey on the nay-sayer who wants to drag his feet! (I still expect the chrysalis to spin and produce a beautiful butterfly like Alice’s caterpillar).

What does a dog have to do with any of this? >sigh< Cub is a hound dog. A mix breed of hunting dogs. He points and flags. Forget the heeling. He pulls and drags if you fall while trying to manage his leash. Forget the hunting although his nose is always sniffing something to track. And I do believe he’d just as soon EAT a butterfly as to chase it. This is my daughter’s dog. NOT mine! My Daisy is much cuter (wink wink).

My daughter has been roughing it in the front two rooms of my Mosey Cottage for nearly a year now. Family stuff happens and jobs change and now I find myself “dog sitting” so she can keep her job. You see, Cub suffers from severe separation anxiety. He has broken through three windows, two doors, torn up the carpet, shredded a couch…..need I say more? As long as he is WITH somebody he knows he is fine.

He is a bit tamer and a little more behaved since I started keeping him. I usually keep him in Mosey Cottage. In fact I have spent enough time there that I’m beginning to feel a bit more like maybe someday I WILL be living there. Sure keep hoping so!

It is interesting to watch a chrysalis from the inside. It isn’t what I had expected. I mean who would have ever believed me if I told them that this chrysalis is helping to transform a DOG?

I’m still expecting the butterfly….

Merry Christmas Ya’ll!

Cub in his hound dog cuteness….





Painting in the Park


Howdy Ya’ll!

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in South Eastern Illinois. I got stir crazy to get away from the apartment so this is what I decided to do. I took my dog and some painting projects to the conservation area north of where I live. As it turned out I was the only one there all day! I love being away from the hub-bub of the apartment and the “city”. Birds and frogs sang to me all afternoon.   🙂


This conservation area is quite large, several hundred acres I believe. There are a few lakes and ponds for fishing and plenty of hunting. This area I settled into is the “park” area where there’s an easy access lake, the one shelter building, plenty of frisbie throwing space, and a couple of out houses. Yep, they still exist in my part of the world.    🙂     Since this is a primitive area I had to pack my own water. I’ll have to remember to bring more for the next time. Too bad there’s no camping allowed here. I could have stay for a couple days.


My companion dog, Daisy, loves having the space to sniff and mosey. She tucked her tail in this pic because I had called for her and she thought she was in trouble. She never gets very far away from me. When she does she is always sure to keep me in her sight. Poor thing is 13 years old and doesn’t see as well now.  It’s nice here when nobody is around because I can let her off the leash. Of course, I seldom ever need to use the leash.


Until the next time….enjoy your life! It’s the only one you have on this side of Jordan.   🙂