I’m Ba-aack!!!

Oh hallelujah! I have missed being active here. Did you miss me?

So I just downloaded the mobile app for reaching my site. I’m so excited! This past Christmas my kids were able to upgrade our phones and I finally got a smart one. 😁 Now with the app I can finally catch up!

Mosey cottage hasn’t changed any. It is still hard to heat and cool since there’s not anything conventional or green about it.

My flowers have suffered a bit from the major rains we’ve had. And my small jungle of house plants are on loan to a church for their VBS program.

By the way….do ya’ll follow me on Instagram? Look for bonniebanks3163.. The numbers don’t mean anything. Just some that Instagram gave me. I invite you to come follow there and catch up a bit. For sure I will now be sharing my pix here first now. Looking forward to great things!



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