Let’s Write!

Many years ago I had a pen pal.  Since my youth I have enjoyed writing letters and sending cards. But a few years ago I went through such a dark time in my life that I wasn’t even getting junk mail! It was a horrific feeling, to not even be recognized as an “occupant”. With this said I invite you to read the following forwarded post and at least consider mailing out those Christmas cards. It doesn’t matter if the recipient gets it “on time”. It matters that somebody thought enough to write.




One thought on “Let’s Write!

  1. True, I no more send nor receive cards or letters thru the mailbox anymore except from my bank ! I was just lamenting the other day on a comment, how technology while it has shrunk the physical distance between us and saved many a tree, the paperless way of communicating has robbed us of sharing a personal warmth that only handwritten letters/cards could do.


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